With a PhD in Sociology and BA in Economics and Egyptology, my work favors interdisciplinary approaches to the study of societies and cultures. Specifically, my work deals with the ways globalization shapes the lives of individuals in various ways. I have written a number of articles and book chapters on experiences of immigrants and their children with integration and socioeconomic mobility, modes of identification and cultural expression.┬áMy research and teaching interests include migration, gender, religion, culture and social movements. In addition to studying Arab immigrants in Europe and North America, I also study social change in the Arab world with a focus on women’s public roles and cultural understandings of women’s rights.

I grew up in Cairo (Egypt), but my parents sojourned in Saudi Arabia teaching me all about transnationalism from a very young age. After graduating from the American University in Cairo, I moved to upstate New York to study sociology and earned my PhD from the State University of New York at Albany. My research and professional pursuits allowed me to reside in Paris, Montreal and Dubai before I finally landed in Lund in the south of Sweden and decided to make it home. I am currently a Reader in Sociology at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University.